Lamsa 50 ml Oriental Spray By Arabian Oud For Women
The same perfect shape of a perfume bottle that was one of the most splendid bottles for 2012. After expanding to 50ml, a spray was released to complement the glamour of the bottle with harmony: orange mixes with lemon and...
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Rakaan by Swiss Arabian perfumes 100ML Eau de Parfum For men
Rakaan: 100ml Spray There is a protector, a victor deep inside us with a deep desire to win. That is the essence of Rakaan. The fragrance begins with fresh light crispy notes of grapefruit and Caribbean lime. Middle notes are...
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Mukhalat Al-Arais by Swiss Arabian perfumes 50ML Eau de Parfum For unisex
Description: Mukhallat Arais is a sweet and sensual fragrance that has mild bakhoor undertones. A light and refreshing fragrance that is sure to please your partner, and the envy of everyone else. Fragrances should be used throughout the day. It...
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